MERAN MEDICAL ophthalmic cannulas include all standard models, but size and design changes are available as you wish. All of our cannulas are made of high quality 304 grade stainless steel. In addition, we also have polyamide-made cannulas for the delivery of silicone oil in vitreoretinal surgery. For eye surgery, our diversity of cannula meets your needs in all branches.

Anesthesia Cannulas


Antherior Chamber Cannulas


Simco Irrigation Aspiration Cannulas

Simcoe I A Kanülleri

Hydrodelination Cannula

Hydrodelineation And Hydrodissection

Hydrodissector Cannula


Polisher Cannula

Capsule Poishing

Cortex Removal Cannula

Cortex Removal

Lacrimal Cannula

Lacrimal Cannulas

Bimanual Irrigation Aspiration Cannula

Bimabual I/A Injestion

Irrigation Air Injection Cannula

Irrigation And Air Injection



Irrigation Vectises

Irrigating Vectis

Vitreoretinal Cannula

Vitreoretinal Cannulas

Refractive Cannulas

Refraktif Kanüller